How Facebook Banned Me for Life

facebook banned me for life

In an digital era where sales are afected by Covid-19 and people like me try to help brands, Facebook is sucking the life out of digital creators. Facebook banned me for life for nothing and i can`t create a new account.

My name is Adrian, i am a web developer and facebook specilist. At leas trying to…

This is not my first story with Facebook. They took away my life button from a facebook page. When i asked a friend to like my page he told me that he can`t, when he shownd me yop, no Like button. 🙁 After a chat with the support they added the like button back. Even the guy from the chat support asked for a video because he didn`t belive me i have no like button on my page.

Recently i recievd a notification that my personal facebook ad acount has been suspended. In my mind ok facebook what now…

After clicking the link this page opened:

Ok, no problem i will get in touch with facebook support and they will help me. I m sure its a mistake.

My message to them explaining what happend and briefing them

Hello, I woke up yesterday morning with my ad account blocked. I received a notification that my ad account is blocked. I do not use my personal ads account. I use company accounts. I am an online developer and I run facebook campaigns, I manage over 35 facebook pages and over 5 ad accounts. You can do whatever you want with my personal ads account, but I want to be able to run ads from the companies account. yesterday when I sent a verification request I was informed that I violated the ads policies but without telling me what. This is not normal. I did nothing unusual. Please help me, I’m running a restaurant that was affected by covid crisis and now we can’t advertise. Please tell me what can I do, do I need to create another account? What will happen to my 6 Business managers. I have submitted my ID to facebook 3 times. You have all my data, please help me Please Facebook help me run my ads again. Thank you

After about 40 min of chat i am shocked. I AM BANNED FOR LIFE!!!

The thing is two ad accounts have been locked. None of this accounts ever had ads or credit cards attached. So why are they beieng rejected?

I can`t delete them or view or modify them. The generic message is shocking


Ok, how can i fignt Facebook.. I will create a new account and share my page rights to it. After about 30 min of adding roles guess what. Puf BLOCKED!!! Aparently they chase me thorw my phone number and i can`t have acces to 5 pages with no profile photo. Yup they asked for a selfie and my number.

What can i do to do my job, that is invest money from small business to gain more reach or vizibility to clients on facebook.

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